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Post by cfnteabag on Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:07 am


I haven't been a member very long but I am a member of my local Land Rover club where I seem to be the only current member wishing to take my Freebie around the Off road course! Unfortunetly the clubs rules state that you require 2 front recovery points with a bridle fitted between them and at the last club meet we couldn't decide if the two points fitted to the front of the Freebie would be sufficient for off road recovery? Does anyone have experience of using them or are there other options that people use? Obviously the ideal solution would be a camel trophy style nudge bar but I was thinking of making up some front recovery points to mount through the front bumper and onto the front bumper bar. Has anyone tried this?


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Front recovery point Empty Re: Front recovery point

Post by simon g on Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:54 am

Hi Adam,

There have been some very smart solutions to this in the apst, including winch mounting options, but the main protagonists oand suppliers of these solutions (Celtic 4x4) has long since melted away... to be honest though the bumper height recovery point (the lower point I think is described as a lashing eye only) will be more than sufficient - I've seen (and experienced!) them being used and abused severly without any problems - I've seen the lashing point being used as a secondary point in the event the recovery point should let go, but never seen that happen - the worst abuse in my case was being stuck with a 2-tool compressor on the tow hitch, the 110 I was working with couldn't get purchase to pull me by a straight tow so reversed up to my bumper and let rip Shocked .. like a cork out of a bottle but no damage!... still I got my own back when I had to keep pulling him out later on much to his chagrin... Very Happy

simon g
simon g
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